Clear Chlorination Services Ltd is an experienced provider of water hygiene services, specialising in the disinfection of pipework, water storage tanks and process systems in line with the latest British Standards and HSE guidelines.

CCS work with various organisations nationwide offering a professional yet competative service.

  1. External Mains Pipework
    An external mains chlorination is important in order to maintain quality of the drinking water supply. CCS can provide a full chlorination and testing service for all mains connections.
  2. Internal Pipework Systems
    Pipework can become contaminated for any number of reasons. CCS provide chlorination and testing of water systems to ensure they are clean and pose no health risk to individuals.
  3. Pressure Testing
    Prior to connection of a new water main, many water authorities need proof that it does not leak. CCS can test the pressure of new mains and provide certification on site.
  4. Water Storage Tanks
    CCS can provide specialist cleaning and chlorination of all types and sizes of water storage tank including small one piece plastic tanks and large sectional steel or GRP tanks.
  5. Microbiological Sampling
    CCS can provide sampling services to test your water for coliform bacteria, pseudomonas, e-coli, legionella, TVC and more. All testing is carried out by a UKAS certified lab.
  6. Water Supply Remedial Works
    CCS carry out water supply remedial works such as TMV servicing / installation, cold water tank refurbish / replacement and dead leg removal etc...